Hey there!

I’m so glad you came to check me out! A few quick details about your author: I am 24, my birthday is on Christmas Day (yes, the actual day of Christmas, as in the 25th day of December, and no, I do not hate having my birthday on that day), I have been married to an amazing husband since the 16th of August, 2012 (August weddings unite!), and I live in Northern Colorado. 

Recently, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations and a module in conflict management. People are my passion! I like to focus on how to better interact and connect with people. Often, that comes pretty easily to me because that’s just my personality.  My greatest passion is focusing on making a better experience for others, especially when it comes to learning. I learn by example and by doing myself, and I figure there must be others with those same needs somewhere on this planet which brings me to the why of this blog

You’ll find that I am a trial and error woman. If there is a project or activity that seems even remotely interesting, I am game to test it and see if it is the real deal. I realized, however, that while I enjoy trying new things, the only people who benefit from it are those immediately next to me. Quite frankly, I want more people than just my compadres to gain from my experiences. 

The following are my main categories and why I want to share them with you:


You know how people always pin that super complicated project on Pinterest and you sit there and think “ya right?” Ya. Well, I want you to know if we’re right to think that. As an added bonus, I am not very crafty. Most of what I do has to come directly from the ideas of someone else or something that I saw. Maybe that describes you, and if so, please know that we can be best friends. 


Let’s just put this out there, I am not much of a cook. Please don’t ever ask me to make a recipe of my own because I probably will and we will probably all be sorry. Also, if there are super fancy ingredients in a recipe, I can already tell you that I will have spent about an hour looking for it at my local supermarket. 


I get so tired of seeing false product reviews. We get it, Barbara. You’re paid to say that; of course the Shake Weight is going to magically tone that extra underarm fat. But seriously, I don’t plan to ever be that person (get paid for my opinion I mean) so anything I review will be upfront and for-reals.


One of the best experiences available is being a part of a family. It comes with perks and it comes with struggles. Often, I look at my life and wonder if anyone else has gone through/ is going through similar experiences. I like to read about the situations of others around me so I figure that I should add to the online accounts so people can be comforted in knowing that they are also not alone. 


When I write, I let who I am and what I think become completely exposed. This means that pretty much everything you read here is going to be straight-forward (with added personality). This is a place where where you can expect me to be 100% honest about anything. Even if something sucks or is hard, I will openly say so because I think that you, my readers, have a right to know. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, concerns, encouragement, or if you simply want to share your story privately.