The Human Brain Has a Mind of its Own

The human brain is absolutely phenomenal. It has the ability to improve itself, to defend itself, to hold information, to recall information, and to create. Amidst these capabilities, people have different strengths and weaknesses which may or may not be able to be improved upon. 

I have such a fascination with everything the brain is able to do. In particular, I am so interested in how every one uses their brain to enhance and design their lives. Now, if I’m being totally honest, my brain is not exactly a prestige specimen, but it has at least gotten me this far in life! 

Just recently, Trevor and I went to Wal-Mart to grab a couple items. While we were there, I happened to see a display stand of Powerade drinks that were being displayed as $.88. I don’t really consume sports drinks, but Trevor really enjoys his Powerade so I took one second to simply say, “Look Trevor! Powerade is only $.88!” 

And that was it for that moment. Trevor didn’t really acknowledge that comment (which can be pretty typical- I’ve gotten used to the idea of simply talking out loud without expectations of reciprocation). We just continued rushing on to search for the few items we needed from the back of the store. I didn’t really think anything extra of the comment or the situation at all. As a matter of fact, like so many other moments in my life, the information contained in that moment of brain function disappeared just as quickly as it came. 

Fast forward about 9 hours to Trevor and I getting prepared to watch a show in our room. He was all settled and I was just beginning to lay down. Right as I was doing so, Trevor says to me, “I need $.88.” I looked at him with the quizzical look that he knows so well. (You see, there are two common occurrences: he says something super strange and I am totally confused as to why he said it, and the other, more often occurrence, in which I have absolutely no clue what he said. That may come either because I simply didn’t hear him, or because I heard him, but could not understand whatever it is that he said. I am told on a daily basis that I need to have my hearing checked.)

In this moment, where Trevor stated, “I need $.88,” I wasn’t 100% sure whether this was a moment of me mishearing him or him just saying something that totally didn’t make sense. So, as I said before, I gave him a quizzical look. And then I repeated to him, “You need $.88?” He replied, eagerly, “Ya!” 

Occasionally, the brain capacity of a person unveils itself to showcase it’s abilities. 

Once I had confirmed that I heard him correctly, I took a moment to actually process the meaning of his statement. Approximately three seconds. It took me approximately three seconds to recall a comment I had made hours previously which itself had only taken about two seconds of processing while in that particular moment. To add to it, Trevor had never acknowledged that this comment was made, causing me to believe he had quite possibly never even heard the comment. Therefore, this cluster of information (which was such a small moment) I would have assumed to be filed away deep within the neurons of my brain in the cabinets listed “never to be seen of or heard from again.” 

And yet, here we were, hours later, having a brief few seconds of conversation which revolved around one moment from hours before that had seemingly only been experienced by one of us. 

I can’t possibly explain how the brain works, or why it does what it does. There are many unknowns about this vital organ, even to science. But, what I can tell you is that the brain is a complex organ that can do many marvelous and miraculous things. Including, and not limited to recalling a meaningless few seconds in our lives whenever it decides. 

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