3 Need-to-Know Tips about Colorado Weather

If you have ever traveled to or lived in the Midwestern states of the United States, you know how fickle the weather can be. If you have ever traveled to or lived in Colorado, you know how intentional the weather can be. By intentional I mean that the weather intends to screw people over and thus does everything it can to ruin peoples’ lives.

It is not uncommon to get all four seasons in one hour, let alone one day. Snow and chilled temperatures are often followed by sunshine and balmy degrees. Those who have lived in Colorado for a few years know just how to make themselves constantly comfortable. I’ll share with you a few tricks of the seasoned. (Haha, seasoned. So punny.)

1. Wear lots of layers. Literally, layered layers.

When a child, who isn’t growing up in Colorado, is reminded by their mothers to wear lots of layers as they got dressed for school, it probably looks something like a jacket, two sweaters and two sweatpants layers.

When Colorado moms remind their kids to wear layers, you know to wear a pair of shorts, capris, jeans, and thick sweatpants. And that is just the bottom. A tank top, short-sleeve shirt, long-sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and winter coat are the appropriate attire for the upper body.

We know that in Colorado it is possible, nay, inevitable that at least one layer is taken off every two hours. Each day begins as Antarctica and gradually becomes the Sahara by 3 pm.

2. Weather reports are less trusted than tarot cards.

The question, “What’s the weather (supposed to be) like?” is meant to be rhetorical. We ask it because we think that’s a normal thing to ask. Realistically, the conversation goes like this:

A: “How does tomorrow’s weather look?”

B: “The reports say it should be 70 degrees all day.”

A: “I’m going to bring our snow coats and boots, just in case.”

There is an 85% chance that those snow coats and boots will come in handy. We have an intuition about these kinds of things.

You can definitely get excited about the possibility of good weather, just know that your hopes and dreams may be dashed in an instant.

One day of weather in Colorado – Amy Dixon

3. Always make deposits for an outside and inside venue.

Or at least make sure that the outside venue has an overhead cover and that you brought lots of materials with which to tie things down.

Have we talked about wind yet? No? Okay, let’s just say that if the wind decides to show up, it will choose to act super dramatic about you not inviting it to your event.

Seriously though, we all want to believe that the day will be absolutely beautiful for everything that you are planning, but Colorado weather tends to make its own last-minute plans. Focus on your party being outside, but also create a backup plan.


The only real constant about Colorado weather is that it will change.


Because I love Colorado so much, here is one last tip:


4. Enjoy the stunning beauty that is Colorado at every chance you have.

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